FCBA Officials

These are the current officials of the Fife Charities Band Association:

FCBA Chairman - Steven Craig (Tullis Russell)
FCBA Vice Chairman - Danny Harrison (Dunfermline Town)
FCBA Secretary - John Todd (Kingdom Brass)
FCBA Treasurer - Brenda Craig (Tullis Russell)

FCBA General Committee

During meetings of the FCBA bands in 2008, the outdated constitution of the Association was rewritten to allow expansion of the management committee of the organisation.

The General Committee of the FCBA is now made up of the officials named above, as well as one representative from each of the FCBA member bands. This brings the FCBA in line with the Scottish Brass Band Association's guidelines on how the area associations should operate. It also allows greater distribution of work, allowing the association to be more ambitious in the events it organises, and allows each of the bands much more say in the administration of the association.